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@ -1,2 +1,3 @@

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@ -56,6 +56,15 @@ Babushka pre-installed.
When using ANSIBLE=1, an optional ANSIBLE_VERSION parameter may be passed that will specify which version of ansible to install. By default it will install the latest Ansible.
ADDPACKAGES="aptitude htop" \
make trusty
Will build a Ubuntu Trusty x86_64 box with aptitude and htop as additional
packages pre-installed. You can also specify the packages in a file
## Pre built base boxes
_**NOTE:** None of the base boxes below have a provisioner pre-installed_

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@ -14,8 +14,11 @@ SECS=15
log "Sleeping for $SECS seconds..."
sleep $SECS
# TODO: Support for appending to this list from outside
PACKAGES=(vim curl wget man-db openssh-server bash-completion python-software-properties ca-certificates sudo)
log "Installing additional packages: ${ADDPACKAGES}"
if [ $DISTRIBUTION = 'ubuntu' ]; then
PACKAGES+=' software-properties-common'

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@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ export RELEASE=$2
export ARCH=$3
export CONTAINER=$4
export PACKAGE=$5
export ADDPACKAGES=${ADDPACKAGES-$(cat ${RELEASE}_packages | tr "\n" " ")}
export ROOTFS="/var/lib/lxc/${CONTAINER}/rootfs"
export WORKING_DIR="/tmp/${CONTAINER}"
export NOW=$(date -u)