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Make sure you have Docker installed.

Writing content

Create your directory tree

.           # project directory
|- docs     # where website documents go
|  `- *.md
|- slides   # where presentation documents go
|  `- *.md
|- images/  # where images go
|- ...

Content for docs

FIXME: tree structure

FIXME: autoslide feature

Content for slides

FIXME: tree structure

Watch mode

This mode allows you the result on-the-fly as you makea changes in the content.

To use watch mode, type:

gx-teaching -a watch

To use watch mode for slides only type:

gx-teaching -a watch-slides

To use watch mode for docs only type:

gx-teaching -a watch-docs

Build mode

This mode builds final content for delivery (website, PDF files)

Building HTML

To use build mode:

gx-teaching build

Building PDF