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Fabio Rehm 2014-09-22 22:24:54 -03:00
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commit b2b0d98dfa

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@ -17,16 +17,4 @@ Gem::Specification.new do |spec|
spec.executables = spec.files.grep(%r{^bin/}) { |f| File.basename(f) }
spec.test_files = spec.files.grep(%r{^(test|spec|features)/})
spec.require_paths = ["lib"]
spec.post_install_message = %Q{
Thanks for installing vagrant-cachier #{VagrantPlugins::Cachier::VERSION}!
If you are new to vagrant-cachier just follow along with the docs available
at http://fgrehm.viewdocs.io/vagrant-cachier.
If you are upgrading from a previous version, please note that plugin has gone
through many backwards incompatible changes recently. Please check out
before continuing and caching all the things :)