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Roman Mohr 5141e1305a Add support for DNF
If the folder `/car/cache/dnf` is present, the content will be cached
like in the Yum plugin.

A possible configuration to enable it:

Vagrant.configure(2) do |config| = "fedora/24-cloud-base"
  if Vagrant.has_plugin?("vagrant-cachier")
    config.cache.scope = :machine
    config.cache.auto_detect = false
    config.cache.enable :dnf
2016-09-23 12:10:29 +02:00
AmirAli Moinfar 6deb452f0d Add documentation for caching pip packages 2015-07-05 14:44:27 +04:30
Fabio Rehm 2bb7f21273 v1.2.0 2015-01-14 23:11:54 -02:00
Julien Pervillé 4647721f85 Add support for caching chef gems (in /opt/chef/embedded). 2014-10-29 13:09:22 +06:30
Fabio Rehm 1ccdbbeb48 Move bower docs to buckets dir 2014-10-15 01:25:38 -03:00
Sebastien Lecacheur 1fe3e15c64 Fix Bower menu link in the docs 2014-10-07 00:07:19 +02:00
Sébastien LECACHEUR 973d5d1a8f Add support for Bower 2014-10-04 01:34:44 +02:00
Fabio Rehm 137bb91eec Add link to gitter chat on docs 2014-08-09 16:16:44 -03:00
Fabio Rehm 4ab1640e7e Add notice about yum bucket and windows hosts (closes GH-117) 2014-08-09 15:36:22 -03:00
Fabio Rehm d94f08a048 v0.8.0 (aka 1.0.0 release candidate) 2014-07-20 23:02:04 -03:00
Elan Ruusamäe 5dbd5511fa fix cache path
the path used seems to be `/tmp/vagrant-cache`. at least in 0.7.2
2014-07-04 15:53:44 +03:00
Fabio Rehm bbd1e9c901 Make sure people know that synced_folder_opts are optional
I came across a blog post somewhere saying that this was required but I
can't find the link right now.
2014-06-23 18:01:01 -03:00
Gustavo L. de M. Chaves 8ac8d7f6f6 Fix multi generic bucket set up
The previously documented way to specify multiple generic buckets
doesn't work because vagrant-cachier can't enable a bucket type more
than once.

Here we generalize the configs hash that the generic bucket gets making
it possible to specify multiple buckets with a single hash. The
documentation is changed accordingly.

Note that we keep it backwards compatible for single generic bucket

2014-04-16 09:04:49 -03:00
Fabio Rehm 0f3d79e1bc Switch to ruby 1.9+ hash syntax on generic bucket docs 2014-04-06 21:30:34 -03:00
Fabio Rehm 5d9c433326 Add link to generic buckets docs to menu 2014-04-06 21:29:31 -03:00
Fabio Rehm 04102aac8e Some more tweaking to generic bucket docs [GH-94] 2014-04-06 21:27:44 -03:00
Fabio Rehm 2a17bc4f1d Minor tweaks to generic bucket docs [GH-94] 2014-04-06 21:05:13 -03:00
Gustavo L. de M. Chaves a63156e482 Implement generic bucket
This bucket must be explicitly enabled and may be useful for users
wanting a generic caching mechanism that they can use directly instead
of via some predefined packaging system.

For instance, this enables one to implement a cache for packages
downloaded via wget or curl.
2014-03-23 22:29:23 -03:00
Fabio Rehm b4d12be2e5 Add docs for apt-lists bucket 2014-02-26 22:03:22 -03:00
Fabio Rehm 849374e0d1 Fix example of removing buckets from machine scoped dirs [GH-82] 2014-02-26 22:03:21 -03:00
Fabio Rehm aaff51fda8 Update usage docs 2014-02-26 22:03:21 -03:00
Fabio Rehm 509872e91b Forgot to update this to reflect whats going on under the hood 2014-02-26 22:03:21 -03:00
Fabio Rehm 29a4c3c45e 2014-02-26 22:03:21 -03:00
Fabio Rehm 2296d35251 According to @miurahr on GH-81 we are compatible with vagrant-kvm \o/ 2014-02-26 22:03:21 -03:00
Fabio Rehm 7d7f048dfb We dont have any provider specific code on around anymore so it should be compatible with any "non-cloud provider" 2014-02-26 22:03:21 -03:00
Teemu Matilainen a8f05e4b11 Fix usage examples 2014-02-26 22:03:21 -03:00
Fabio Rehm d823a97cb8 When specifying NFS synced folders we need to use a symbol (fix GH-76) 2014-02-26 22:03:20 -03:00
Fabio Rehm 9c7b02b3ac Update docs to reflect what's going to be implemented 2014-02-26 22:03:20 -03:00
Fabio Rehm ed6c76dedf We'll probably forget to update these guys, better do it now :) 2014-02-26 22:03:20 -03:00
Tuomo Tanskanen 949df52a26 Documentation: conditional plugin specific configs
Wrap plugin specific configs into has_plugin checks to avoid breakage when Vagrantfile is shared and/or plugin is removed (for testing/development).
2014-01-08 06:45:52 +02:00
Fabio Rehm e2da4dd537 Update 2013-12-13 21:21:46 -02:00
Fabio Rehm d8e195bb63 Tweak benchmarks table styling 2013-12-09 10:33:15 -02:00
Mark Steve Samson b28ac072a5 Make menu links relative 2013-12-08 09:24:13 +08:00
Fabio Rehm 3421b4489a Fix GA tracking code 2013-12-07 13:01:24 -02:00
Fabio Rehm 27788c995c Document rvm gotchas
Closes GH-43
2013-12-07 12:57:41 -02:00
Fabio Rehm 5a488a2972 Heads up about bundle install --deployment
Closes GH-62
2013-12-07 12:47:36 -02:00
Fabio Rehm 54407fd2da Improve dev docs 2013-12-07 12:43:49 -02:00
Fabio Rehm c4ba0c9445 Remove my name from output :P 2013-12-07 12:36:55 -02:00
Fabio Rehm 16b68e72f1 Improve buckets docs 2013-12-07 12:36:03 -02:00
Fabio Rehm 3c4a20f44d Hide github badges on smaller screens 2013-12-07 03:54:03 -02:00
Fabio Rehm 0340d6e76b docs: Adjust menu 2013-12-07 03:51:10 -02:00
Fabio Rehm 03b2b80121 docs on development 2013-12-07 03:50:47 -02:00
Fabio Rehm 00f4aaa28c docs for buckets 2013-12-07 03:43:37 -02:00
Fabio Rehm 94ba773ce6 docs: usage 2013-12-07 03:26:36 -02:00
Fabio Rehm 2734186347 Benchmarks 2013-12-07 03:09:28 -02:00
Fabio Rehm 94de55a241 docs: How does it work? 2013-12-07 02:42:49 -02:00
Fabio Rehm eb544ae773 docs index 2013-12-07 02:10:11 -02:00
Fabio Rehm fc6819ce00 Import viewdocs-yeti layout 2013-12-07 02:04:41 -02:00