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Bird.makeup is a way to follow Twitter users from any ActivityPub service. The aim is to make tweets appear as native a possible to the fediverse, while being as scalable as possible. The project started from BirdsiteLive, but has now been improved significantly.

Compared to BirdsiteLive, bird.makeup is:

More scalable:

  • Twitter API calls are not rate-limited
  • It is possible to split the Twitter crawling to multiple servers
  • There are now integration tests for the non-official api
  • The core pipeline has been tweaked to remove bottlenecks. As of writing this, bird.makeup supports without problems more than 20k users.
  • Twitter users with no followers on the fediverse will stop being fetched

More native to the fediverse:

  • Retweets are propagated as boosts
  • Activities are now "unlisted" which means that they won't polute the public timeline, but they can still be boosted
  • WIP support for QT

More modern:

  • Moved from .net core 3.1 to .net 6 which is still supported
  • Moved from postgres 9 to 15
  • Moved from Newtonsoft.Json to System.Text.Json

Official instance

You can find the official instance here: bird.makeup. If you are an instance admin that prefers to not have tweets federated to you, please block the entire instance.

Please consider if you really need another instance before spinning up a new one, as having multiple domain makes it harder for moderators to block twitter content.


Original code started from BirdsiteLive.

This project is licensed under the AGPLv3 License - see LICENSE for details.


You can contact me via ActivityPub here.