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A terminal-based mindmap editor for geeks.

The name of the project comes from the Greek words νους (mind) and ζούδι (small animal).

For now, It is a toy project to improve author's skills with the language and its various libraries. It is very early stage and is not supposed to work (yet). Please don't use it in production. ⚠️


Make sure you have the latest version of crystal (0.35.x)

Build the project

$ make build


Running noozoid

In your terminal:

$ bin/noozoid

Keyboard control (vim-like)


Key Description
h Navigate to parent
l Navigate to child
k Navigate to previous sibling
j Navigate to next sibling
r Navigate to tree root
c Create node
i Enter EDIT mode for current node
d Delete/Cut selected node
p Paste node as a child of selected node
v Toggle node
? Show this help
: Enter COMMAND mode


Command Description
w Write file
e Load file
q Exit program
ESC Go to normal mode

EDIT mode

Command Description
ESC Go to normal mode

Any other key will be written as the content selected node.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at


Noozoid is Copyright © 2021 Glenn ROLLAND. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE.txt file.