A handy Makefile for OCaml projects
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A handy Makefile for OCaml projects

Usage example :

# list of created binaries

# program-specific list of objects
dow_OBJS= \
          GuiHttp \
          Storage \
          StorageFile \
          StorageSqlite3 \
          WikiHandler \
          WikiHandlerEdit \
          WikiHandlerView \
          WikiEngine \
          HttpTypes \
          HttpRequest \
          HttpAnswer \
          HttpHandler \
          Http \
          Document \

# program-specific includes
dow_INCS=-I +lablgtk2

# program-specific libraries
dow_LIBS=unix threads lablgtk

# global options (used for everything in PROGRAMS)
OPTS=-w A -warn-error A -g -thread 

# The most important line ;-)
include OCaml.mk