• v0.1.11 5cfe6159c5

    glenux released this 2023-11-18 23:17:12 +00:00 | 40 commits to develop since this release

    It's time to dive into the latest update of our beloved FUSE filesystem management tool, mfm, now hitting version v0.1.11. This release isn't just another step; it's a giant leap in our alpha journey, bringing us closer to a tool that's not only functional but a daily driver for the tech-savvy.

    Of course encountering bugs and issues is part of the adventure! If you stumble upon any, kindly report them through our issue tracker. Just a quick check to ensure it's a fresh discovery and not a repeat would be much appreciated!

    🚀 What's New in v0.1.11?

    5cfe615 Merge branch 'release/v0.1.11'
    0b5531b chore: bump version
    ff87a1f Merge branch 'develop' of code.apps.glenux.net:glenux/mfm into develop
    60a4730 Merge tag 'v0.1.10' into develop
    e9553e2 Merge branch 'release/v0.1.10'
    713b92f Merge pull request 'feat: extract version number from shard+git history' (#23) from feature/22-add-support-for-version-number-from-shard into develop
    46829bc feat: extract version number from shard+git history
    3f22971 Merge pull request 'fix: delay config loading' (#21) from feature/14-add-support-for-global-config-file into develop
    5e8c46d fix: delay config loading
    d9db238 Merge pull request 'fix: add templating support in configuration' (#18) from feature/15-add-templating-support-in-configuration into develop
    3c4e427 ci: switch to alpine for static linking
    e6a9d01 ci: bump crystal version
    9f0902d ci: add missing dependencies
    592f0fb fix: add templating support in configuration
    576b7c6 Merge pull request 'fix: delay config file discovery' (#20) from feature/14-add-support-for-global-config-file into develop
    1c184a5 fix: delay config file discovery
    2990e18 Merge pull request 'fix: add support for global config file' (#17) from feature/14-add-support-for-global-config-file into develop
    f94d0f1 fix: add support for global config file
    47c9dbc doc: add required dependencies & debian command
    afb97e0 fix: split vagrant provisioning into multiple parts
    27508ed feat: add support for version and verbose cli flags
    9fc1ec3 feat add support for configurable ssh port
    48df4cc feat: improve crossbuild scripts
    5dca1d9 ci: add crossbuild scripts (drafts)
    2d44f1f ci: enable docker service to prepare for matrix builds
    71dbbb3 doc: fix wrong license version
    e3e27e9 doc: in README, add link to binary releases
    ba45f06 doc: fix README about commands

  • v0.1.9 78c040b099

    glenux released this 2023-10-25 14:25:20 +00:00 | 68 commits to develop since this release

    This is the very first alpha release of Minimalist FUSE Manager. Much of the feature set is already there, much is missing.

    There will be bugs and issues! Please use the issue tracker on the repository (and make sure you're not reporting a duplicate issue).


    7f6c927 ci: add build badge
    f53f2b2 Merge tag 'v0.1.1' into develop
    d4c0c8f Merge branch 'release/v0.1.1'
    5169d05 ci: fix package basename
    57ac8be Merge tag 'v0.1.0' into develop
    3d08966 Merge branch 'release/v0.1.0'
    bf79376 ci: fix binary name
    7e82343 ci: add missing libyaml-dev and libpcre3-dev
    2af34b3 ci: add missing libevent
    306ddb2 ci: add drone file
    522c10f fix: add SPDX headers
    86791c8 doc: add demo output & fix text of README
    8c60fee doc: add asciinema demo recording as lfs
    e661b9b doc: add example for httpdirfs
    6452861 feat: add support for more filesystems
    cef669e fix: improve fzf error handling
    67cd9ae feat: add support for sshfs
    002db70 refactor: remove all mentions of vaults, make it generic for fs
    cc458b3 Update README.md
    154d8a3 fix: update generated lockfile
    294231c fix: rename to mfm and fix close
    8def197 feat: add basic support for command line
    d49a3d1 refactor: clean up & add module
    d19602f Add README
    97212b2 Initial import